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[IP] Re: Babies/Toddlers drinking milk

 > Our daughter, who was diagnosed at 10, was breast fed until she was 
three. No
 > cows milk until she was almost 2. Breast feeding was not an insurance 
policy to
 > prevent diabetes. I don't know if there are any studies about this, but 
it did
 > not protect our daughter. On the other hand, she has never had an ear 
 > or sinus infection or any other serious illness besides the D.
 > Kay

That there may be a relationship between dm and milk has never claimed that 
is the only way to get it.  Just like smoking will not guarantee that you 
will get cancer, or not smoking can't insure a cancer free life.  I was 
breast fed with zero relatives who had it and I did get dm.  I drank a lot 
of cows milk growing up, but haven't heard a correlation for that, yet. 
There are probably very many links with contracting dm, most of which we 
can't even guess at.  If we eliminated all of them we may still get 
it.  Some of us are just 'lucky'.  Because your daughter was breast fed is 
just an observation, meaning some who were breast fed still do get it.

Jack email @ redacted
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