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Re: [IP] Need of a "cyper-hug"


  Seems I'm in a similar boat this morning.  I was on the phone with my 
sister when I was telling her about the two nights back-to-back of checking 
Josh every 2 hours because of crashing.  And how he came home from school 
yesterday wanting a snack and feeling low and he checked and he was 35.  Then 
he says he can't feel his neck or parts of his hands and is dizzy and, well, 
I broke down sobbing on the phone while telling my sister this and didn't 
even know it was going to happen.

  I just HATE this.  Why wasn't it ME who got this?  Why Josh?  Je didn't do 
anything.  He was looking forward to going into kindergarden when this hit 
him.  He was only five years old!  It doesn't make since.  I Hate knowing 
that he will be dealing with this for th ie rest of his life.  That doesn't 
seem fair!  And I HATE THIS!!!!!

 Well, there I go again, crying all over my keyboard.  Can't even tell if I'm 
spelling this right or not.  Sorry folkd, I guess I'm tired which has me a 
little more susceptable to these types of outbursts!

Speaking of going low.....has anyone ever had a situation like this:
        Josh started on the Novolog exactly one month ago.  We have not had 
to adjust anything: basals/boluses, since going on.  Now since friday he is 
crashing...HARD, not quioute to where I ned to use glucagone yet....knock on 
wood...but close.  We went out to eat sunday and he was feeling low and 
shakey and checked and he was 25.  And of course as he comes up he deals with 
the numbnessm headaches, feeling yucky!!!  So I was wondering, why, after one 
month would Josh now be showing signs of more sensitivity to the Novlog, 
needing to have basals and bolus ratios decreased.  Have already dropped 
basals this morning and will see how that goes!

  Oh, and Rabbi Hirsche,, Josh is VERY skinny.  So if this IS insulin 
sensitivity it is NOT because of being over weight!

Thanks in advance for all the great support and advice that I know I will be 
receiving from this family!

a very weepy mom to Joshua today!
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