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Re: [IP] Mid Morning Highs

> I've been pumping for about a week and have notice Highs about 2hrs
> after breakfast, I have been eating the same breakfast for the past
> week, low sugar cereal and milk. I've seen posts about this in the
> past, I seem to digest food quickly, When should I be bolusing, I
> have been starting right when I begin eating, Should I bolus 1/2
> prior? Please give me some ideas. Other than that, pump has been
> working fine.
It's the glycemic index of the cereal that is causing the high. Might 
try a "high sugar" cereal or squirting a little honey on it. The 
"junk food" cereal or the honey take longer to digest because the 
complex sugars require more processing before they can be converted 
to glucose. Highly refined cereal (starch) is converted more quickly 
to glucose than the complex sugars contained in the junk food 
variety of breakfast foods.

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