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>From: "Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor" <email @ redacted>
>To: (Recipient list suppressed)
>Subject: E-News 11/06/01
>Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 02:50:00 -0800
>This is why neuropathy should be treated for more than just pain relief and
>feet regularly checked for injury.
>Dear Dr. Joe,
>I have been on your mailing list for several months and find your
>newsletter to be quite informative. I have recently been diagnosed with
>Charcot Foot and just wanted to urge you to remind your readers NOT to fool
>around with any foot injuries. I walked around on what I thought was a
>sprained ankle for two months before I saw a podiatrist who recognized the
>Charcot. I am currently hospitalized after an attempted surgical repair but
>I developed an infection and the staples that they put in the bones to fuse
>them came loose. We have the infection on the run but I'm told I will just
>have to let it heal completely now before they could even consider another
>surgery. This is no fun and it has had a huge impact on my lifestyle and
>will for at least several more months. I understand that this can sometimes
>be prevented and I would just like to get the word out and possibly prevent
>someone else from having to deal with one more very serious complication of
>Thank you and Smooth Sailing,
>Cap'n Doug Cortez
>Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor
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