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Re: [IP] IGT

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> When you are overweight, your body requires more insulin.
> That's why initial starting doses of insulin are based on weight.

It's actually way more complicated than that.

First off, it depends on how much insulin one's own pancreas can produce. A
person with a lot of insulin production will need less exogenous insulin
than one whose pancreas produces very little.

Second, although insulin sensitivity IS related to weight, it's a
bell-shaped curve, not an on-off switch. That means if you take two people
of the same weight and same insulin-producing capacity, one may require FAR
more insulin than the other.

Third, one does NOT have to be greatly overweight to exhibit IGT, nor do the
majority of large people have IGT. Again, it depends on insulin-production
capacity and insulin-sensitivity.

The causes of Type 2 and IGT are not known, and although researchers are
studying the diseases, I'm gonna bet you that in ten years, the public
explanations will be TOTALLY different.

And, like Jan, if the doc had started me on insulin doses according to my
weight, it would have been too much -- my weight has gone down by 30 lb.
since diagnosis (to BMI 25), but my pancreas has deteriorated too, so I
still need insulin! The dose has gone down, but the generalization that
losing a little weight will "normalize" diabetes just hasn't happened in my

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