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[IP] Need of a "cyper-hug"

Good Morning everybody.  Feeling a little down this morning after my eye appointment yesterday.  Seems retinopathy is now showing up in my "good eye".  My other eye had laser surgery 2 times for retinopathy and my vision in that eye isn't good.  It's kinda like looking through a piece of lace.  Some spots are very clear and some spots are blurry.  I'm SO terrified of having laser on the other eye b/c of the bad vision I already have.  My doc says it has to reach a certain point before surgery...not there yet....will recheck in 3 months.  I told him of my pump and he said that was great but there is still a very good chance the damamge has already been done and cannot be reversed.  Just feeling a bit down and know people on this site truly "know what I'm talking about" when I mention the "life sucks and diabetes just ain't fair."  I know that I'm blessed that I have no neuopathy or kidney problems and I know....things could be a lot worse but ...

Thanks for listening,
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