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RE: [IP] Site life, Humalog, Novolog

> "Michael" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > So far a half dozen or so of our "mixer" pumpers have switched to
> > straight Novolog with good success. One person has reported that
> > Novolog does not see to work well for her. Since there are few users
> > of Novolog at this time, it is not known if there is a similar subset
> > of individuals that may have sensitivity to the composition of
> > Novolog/NovoRapid.
> Add me to the list, although I haven't been on Novolog very long.
> I use a 5/1 ratio of Humalog to Novolin, with fair results.  Without
> the mix, my 3rd day on an infusion set is very hit or miss.  Even
> WITH the mix, I've noted some creeping blood sugars lately, making
> me think I may need to tweak that ratio, or just give up on 3 days
> per site (not my favorite option).
> My endo and I decided to give Novolog a try.  My insurance company
> is giving me a hard time about getting it ("substitute Humalog" --
> gee, thanks guys) so I'm on a trial vial of Novolog from the doctor.
>  We're hoping to provide hard numbers showing "this works better".
> I'm on day 6 with Novolog.  So far so good.  I've noticed I need
> about 3/4 as much as I did on the Humalog cocktail, and days 3 and 6
> (today) haven't shown any unusual blood sugar rises.  A cartridge
> (DTron -- 300 units) usually lasts me 9 days, so this one vial will
> last just short of a month. Hopefully that'll be enough data to
> convince insurance to cover the Novolog.
Unless the insurance company has decided to practice medicine, you 
should not have much problem. With prescription in hand, don't take 
no for an answer :-)

email @ redacted
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