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[IP] Novalog vs. Humalog

Jim wrote:

I've heard enough to ask my endo for the prescription 
to try it. But at the Atlanta Diabetes University, I 
asked several sources, Novo reps among them,
if there was any clinical evidence of a difference, 
and so far none has been detected. That doesn't mean 
that the anecdotal evidence is wrong (like I
said, I'm going to try it myself!). 

It seems to be very much YMMV as I spoke to one person 
(a MiniMed rep) who's just finishing up a trial period 
(for Dr. Bode) and *HATES* Novolog. It has given her 
the immune reaction that others are reporting for 
Humalog. She's starting the CGMS today and when it's 
done, she's back to Humalog.

I've been using Novalog for about 8 days now, and have 
to admit I find I am having some site sensitivity 
issues which I have not experienced using Humalog, 
nothing too serious, just some itching.  I think it's 
interesting that those individuals who have 
sensitivity issues to Humalog have found such a 
benefit in using Novalog, and think it's great that 
there is now an insulin choice; YMMV rings more true 
than ever!  I will probably finish using up the bottle 
of Novalog (sample from my endo), but since I'm not 
realizing any real benefit with it, will continue 
using Humalog in the foreseeable future.

BTW, the visit with my endo was quite beneficial:  my 
A1c is down to 6.0 (doc's not real pleased - said he 
thinks it's indicative of too many lows, and he's 
probably right), my microalbumin dropped from 99 to 75 
in the last 6 months, all other lab values were 
normal, and my bp was 120/60, so overall I'm pleased.  
I'd like to keep the A1c at the level where it's at, 
but I have been having a lot of serious hypos lately 
so it's time to go thru basal rate testing again and 
make some adjustments.  Oh, how low have I gone?  27, 
but that was on the way UP...I'm really glad I've got 
a great spouse who helps me through those times since, 
like so many others, I'm hypo unaware.  My lows 
usually happen before rising on my days off work (I 
normally get up at 3:45 AM), so I'm asleep when I'm 
dropping and don't display symptoms until I'm in the 
low 40s.  I'm working on this tho!

Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/82
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