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Re: [IP] Novolog vs Humalog (was Jake's A1C)


  My son Joshua was pumping on Humalog until about a month ago when we 
switched to Novolog.  The one thing we had with the H. was site deterioration 
after about 36 hours and pain with each bolus.  BGs would go way up!  I then 
heard about mixing in a little regular with the H. to act as a buffer.  For 
Josh, this was an INSTANT cure for the sites and most of the pain.  He mostly 
ran great BGs.  But he still had to break up his boluses.  Nothing more than 
1.5 units at a time (Dis H-Tron+ pump and MM QS sets)  Now on the Novolog, 
not only do I NOT have to mix anything anymore but Josh has done 6 unit 
boluses all at once with absolutely NO PAIN!!!! YIPEEEEE!  We have not had to 
make any adjustments in his basal or bolus factors and he really is having 
great results this past month (exactly, today, the 4th!)

This is our experience only and may differ from you or others who try it!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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