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Re: [IP] C- Peptide Test Why & What

Hello Sue,
    When our bodies manufacture insulin, it is not in the final usuable form. 
 The 2 chain picture we usually see are actually joined by a peptide chain.  
All that is is a short string of amino acids - just like the rest of the 
insulin molecule is made of.  Once this large joined chain is produced, the 
body cuts off the half-loop that joins the 2 chains.  This half-loop looks 
like a C and is so called the C-peptide.  What it tells the doctor/insurance 
company, is that the body is or is not making insulin.  If there is C-peptide 
present, the body is making insulin.  No C-peptide and the body is not.  
Injectible insulin will not distort the test because the C-peptide has 
already been cleaved off.

Hope that helps!
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