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[IP] Medicare/test strips

Remember a few months back when I was moaning that Medicare wouldn't pay for
300 strips?

Well I called them and they said all I needed was a prescription from my
doctor and they would cover it. They have ever since!

Now my problems is that Medicare will pay for my insulin since I am on a
pump at 80%.  First rule was that I needed to get a certain form, make
copies of receipts and rx labels and send to them.  Ok, first round, waited
a long time but got reimbursed.

Second round, waiting, waiting, waiting..found out Minimed didn't send
Physician's Work Order and then Minimed said they sent hard copy of
everything...last when I called Medicare I was on with them for one
hour..they told me that in Feb. 2001 they changed the law...I am no longer
allowed to apply for reimbursement and that the provider had to send in
forms...(this being after talking w/Medicare for months and no one evert old
me this and I never recd any notification about it)...

So now I have to go back to all the places I purchased my insulin and ask
them to file a claim for me.  I think this stinks as I will have nothing to
back when, if and where they file the claims and whether or not they did and
will have to keep going back to them to check until this all gets
straightened out.

I spoke w/Medicine Shoppe where I currently purchase insulin and the girl
there said she wasn't aware of this change in law and didn't know how to go
about it since I pay out of pocket and have to wait to get reimbursed...

medicare changes the laws like people change underwear...it is
ridiculous...I've got $675 outstanding to be reimbursed to me.

Kathy B.
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