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No Subject

>At the end, you might want to add that "should they again deny your petition,
>you expect a copy of their appeal process and a statement of their rationale
>for denial".  This plants the seed that you won't quit just because they say
>"no" - again.
>Don't quit.  You've made a rational request backed up my your physician.
>Your letter is a model for the rest of us.  Kudos!  Jill T Peaks Island Maine

Thanks Jill.  I've already spoken to my State Insurance Commissioner on the 
phone and he told me that I need to get BC's rejection letter to my appeal 
before I can get them involved.  From what he's told me, I go to him 
next.  I also have my State Senator involved.  She is one of the authors of 
Michigan Public Act 424 which requires insurance companies in Michigan to 
pay for diabetes supplies.  I know her on a personal level, she and I 
worked together before she ran for state office.  I've got my guns loaded 
now, lets see what BC's next step will be.

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