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[IP] Appeal letter to BC/BS of Michigan

What worked for me in NJ was downloading the law and having it in front of me 
when I made the final( sucessful) call to get Horizon BC/BS to cover.  When I 
got the inevitable letter of denial from the Insurance Company, I called the 
claims department, got the runaround, and asked to be given a supervisor - at 
that level I asked to speak to the legal department and suggested that the 
supervisor stay on-line.  Once connected I asked them to open to  NJ 
bill..... so it was in front of them as I read the parts that I felt applied &
 waited a few minutes.. read the bill and suggested to them that they read to 
me in the bill where it said their company was exempted from complying - when 
they admitted they couldn't I asked legal to send an interpreation of the 
discussion registered mail to me next day.  The problem disappeared for me at 
that point.   Be careful though, if there is a phase in period in the law - 
the company might have a period of time to deny renewal to diabetics.  But if 
they renewal after that phase in period, they are supposed to know the law 
that applies- Good Luck - Bob Nnn
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