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[IP] Re: Believe it or Not:Driving with Low BS

 >> My friend drove around town for about 2 hours with a low BS.
There are two main facts: (1) during this time nobody noticed anything 
different, no interaction not normal,
(2) not every site was stored in memory as the drive progressed. There were 
lots of not stored events. Gaps of memory.
The only thing I could come up with is when the BS gets low enough the 
memory is depleted of glucose first and stops it's function, while the 
visual-mechanical function (driving) remains functional. After the trip was 
completed, fast acting carbos kicked in and both functions were normal.
Has anyone else had this experence.
Eddie <<

Yes, of course.  I've also had some in which I remembered everything and 
was rolling on the floor, and many with no change in memory or 
interactions, and every variation of each.  My lows have changed greatly 
over time (35 years).  It is a YMMV and may never be replicated again for 
him/her.  At least for me, this are some of the things I need to be on the 
watch for.  Just because something was a certain way in the past doesn't 
mean it will always be that way, but then again it may.  I also wouldn't 
count on the visual driving to remain normal in the future.

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