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Re: [IP] High & low BG's

Hi, Gina,
This is a brand new world for me, too. Although never diagnosed a "brittle"
that probably should have been used. There are so many things which can
screw with blood sugar. I know you know that but here's someting I wasn't
aware of until my pumping doctor told me. When we are low (I had a 26 last
week) it takes a bunch of carbs to get us back up; similarly, when we're
real high, it takes much more than a strict sticking-to-your schedule to
lower it. My high, since pumping, was 306. My "schedule, one unit per every
40 points higher than I should be, would have called for about 4.7 units
(haven't got my calculator handy) to get me back to 120. Having learned what
I did, I "over-did" it and took 6.2. It took a while (sort of like trying to
walk uphill through a slog of mud) but after two hours I had come down to
181 and then further down to 107. I don't know why I was so high. I hadn't
eaten anything (literally). But the awareness of how we react to the Afghan
situation or how our kids are doing or how the world series is going..in
short, everything, can affect us. Being a male, I don't know if your cycle
effects you. My doc said she had to do adjustments while she was "cycling".
As every being is different, so, too, must every diabetic be different.
    I always carry two things in my pocket: the pump and the glucose tablets
by which I swear. True, they're only 4 grams each, but they work real fast.
The Walmart brand is preferable for me because they are in a plastic
container and the Arizona heat won't melt them or cause them to stick to the
    I suppose all of life is a learning curve. Pumping sure is :)
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Subject: [IP] High & low BG's

> When I started pumping a little over 6 months ago, I thought the high and
> BG"s would be a thing of the past, but not true.  For the most part, my
> are OK and in norma; range but last night I was shopping and had a wierd
> feeling so I hurried out to the car and checked - I was at 51.  I ate some
> candy and sat there for 15 minutes and wnet back in and finished shopping.
> Not more than 1/2 hour later I got home and checked again and I was still
> at 65.  I drank some juice and ate some glucose tabs and I finally got it
> over 100.
> The other day I was sitting home watching TV and I checked and was 450!!
> hadn't eaten anything bad and had given the correct bolus after eating.
> What causes this to happen?  Does anyone else still bounce like this?  I
> I am a "brittle" diabetic but I thought the pump was supposed to make it
> stable?  I have not found this to be true.  There have been many times I
> been HIGH and I just give a shot to correct it - I find it works faster -
> BG will come down to under 300 within 2-3 hours after a shot and it takes
> more than 1 correction bolus to correct.
> I was just wondering if anyone else has the same problems?
> Gina
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