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Re: [IP] Low Blood sugars

>I thought one of the reasons for getting a pump was to
>avoid low blood sugars - now I'm reading a bunch of
>posts like the following and thinking: is my pump
>really going to help me avoid those low sugars?  I
>have been in the low 50's twice during the last two
>days and it affected my thinking and site which is
>surprising, because that is not THAT low.
>Please don't tell me the pump won't help that!!
>Pat (pumped, but running on empty still)

Pat, my lowest bg pre-pump (while still on NPH and R) was 12.  Since being 
on my pump for the past 1 1/2 years, I've not had a low like that 
again.  Most lows for me are very mild, and come up real easily with just a 
couple pieces of candy.  I used to have to constantly drink regular 
coca-cola to get my bg up before I went on the pump.  My bgs are much more 
level on the pump too, no more wide swings like I had on MDI.  YMMV.

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