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[IP] High & low BG's

When I started pumping a little over 6 months ago, I thought the high and low 
BG"s would be a thing of the past, but not true.  For the most part, my BG's 
are OK and in norma; range but last night I was shopping and had a wierd 
feeling so I hurried out to the car and checked - I was at 51.  I ate some 
candy and sat there for 15 minutes and wnet back in and finished shopping.  
Not more than 1/2 hour later I got home and checked again and I was still low 
at 65.  I drank some juice and ate some glucose tabs and I finally got it up 
over 100.  

The other day I was sitting home watching TV and I checked and was 450!!  I 
hadn't eaten anything bad and had given the correct bolus after eating.  

What causes this to happen?  Does anyone else still bounce like this?  I know 
I am a "brittle" diabetic but I thought the pump was supposed to make it more 
stable?  I have not found this to be true.  There have been many times I have 
been HIGH and I just give a shot to correct it - I find it works faster - my 
BG will come down to under 300 within 2-3 hours after a shot and it takes 
more than 1 correction bolus to correct.  

I was just wondering if anyone else has the same problems?

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