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Re: [IP] Leaving old sites in place

I can tell you that we just left Josh's old site in for THREE days , the 
whole time he had his new site in.  We went to camp with his school and 
totally spaced it!  I removed it, cleaned it up and put some antibiotic 
oinment on it and now the spot is completely gone!  WHEW!!!!!!  I was sure we 
would be dealing with an infection this time.  We lucked out.  We have been 
known to leave the old site in for a whole extra day, just because we forget. 
 I'm starting to think I need to do what Kerri (mom of many) says they do.  
They bolus a little extra to try and make up for the lost insulin from the 
old site.  I know that if Josh has recently done a bolus for anything I will 
leave the old site in to allow the insulin to be absorbed.  But if it just 
has basal insulin in there then I don't see why we shouldn't be able to just 
bolus an extra unit and take the old site out!

mom to Joshua
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