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Re: [IP] Low Blood sugars


One very important thing that I have learned in my ONE month of pump therapy 
is that it is NOT a miracle cure.  I was lead to believe, and hoped myself, 
that the pump was going to make everything great.  Don't get me wrong, there 
are lots of benefits to the pump. (eat when you want, insert infusion set 
once every 3 days rather than injecting every time you turn around, etc.)  
BUT, to be perfectly honest, so far, I think that my blood sugar stayed in 
better control when I was only taking big doses of NPH.  

A lot of your bg control has to do with how well you estimate the amount of 
carbohydrates in the food you eat.  For instance, if I guess that my 
Bojangle's french fries (love 'em) are about 45g of Carb, and I bolus 3 
units, but they are actually 65g, then I'm going to be high when I check 
after the meal.  (Or, while I'm on the subject, mom's scratch-made triple 
layer chocolate mocha cake which she made for my birthday.  Never did get 
that one right, but enjoyed experimenting with dual waves.)  So far, I have 
not had the problem with extreme lows since the pump (only got down to 56 the 
other day) and again, I probably estimated wrong in the other direction.  You 
definitely have to know what you are doing, because there is only so much 
that the pump does for you.

Best of luck to ya.
Matt in NC
MM 508 10/9/01
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