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[IP] Type 2 Question

Several months ago my mom had blood work done and her fasting glucose level 
was 130. At that point her pcp told her they'd try to lower it by 
diet/exercise. At last week's office visit her fasting glucose level was 128 
so her doc put her on Glucophage.
Mom said she doesn't have diabetes yet; her doctor is just using the meds to 
bring her glucose levels down.
Even though I'm quite well-versed with type 1 and pumping because of my 
daughter, my knowledge of type 2 is extremely limited. My impression was that 
any fasting glucose level of 126 or above was considered diabetes. 
Since my mom also suffers from Hashimoto's, high blood pressure, angina, and 
high cholesterol I'm concerned about her present situation.

Linda V
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