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[IP] Re:Medic Alert


I just wanted to add my 2 cents about the Medic Alert discussion.  I am a
paramedic and I can tell you that we actually do look for a medic alert
bracelet or necklace when we find people that are unconscious or unable to
talk to us.  We also look in someone's wallet or pocketbook to see if there is
something that may indicate what is wrong with them.  There's a standard of
care for people that we treat that are unconscious.  It includes dextrose or
glucagon for diabetics and another medication if we think someone has
overdosed on narcotics.  Most places carry glucometers so they can check your
sugar first to see if that is what is wrong.  If they don't have a glucometer
people will get both medications by process of elimination to see what's
wrong.  I'm in NY but that's a universal treatment plan for all paramedics.
EMT's usually carry a glucose paste that they can put inside your cheek that
can be absorbed to help wake diabetics up.  We don't need a life history, but
the highlights help us out a lot.

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