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Re: [IP] Believe it or Not:Driving with Low BS

In a message dated 11/3/01 4:56:54 PM Central Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> My friend drove around town for about 2 hours with a low BS.
> There are two main facts: (1) during this time nobody noticed anything 
> different, no interaction not normal,
> (2) not every site was stored in memory as the drive progressed. There were 
> lots of not stored events. Gaps of memory.
> The only thing I could come up with is when the BS gets low enough the the 
> memory is depleted of glucose first and stops it's function, while the 
> visual-mechical function (driving) remains functional. After the trip was 
> completed, fast acting carbos kicked in and both functions were normal

Hi Eddie - while not this exact same event - but I was low - had eaten a roll 
but not checked again and used glucose (very unusual for me) got mad waiting 
for my hubby to stop talking - we were at a family rehearsal dinner - so I 
grabbed my keys - told his dad as I walked out that his son needed a ride 
back - and left.  Unfortunately we were out in the country - I had driven 
past this house - but had never made the drive directly from his dads to this 
relative (we had come in from elsewhere earlier) - I got lost. I drove all 
over town for about 45 minutes.  I kept passing places I knew - but I didn't 
have a clue as to what street I needed to turn on to get to their house.  I 
finally did get home - and actually 5 minutes before the rest of them - it 
was really scarey and I hope that I didn't do anything like that again.

Linda & Dax
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