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[IP] IP Post -Does Anybody read . . .Denise

<So is anyone out there???  Or am I the only Soldier fighting this war????-

Hi Denise . . . You are DEFINITELY not alone!  I subscribe to the digest and
haven't been reading them or any of my other email lately.  Just not enough
time in the day it seems.

Let me tell you about myself (it may sound a little familiar).
I am 38 and have IDDM since I was 20 months old (37 years).
My husband is in the Army and we are stationed at Fort Campbell, KY - Air
Assault!.  We will transfer next June to ??? Only God knows at this point
(and MAYbe the DA)!
We have 2 children (tubes tied at the suggestion of my doc after 2nd was
born). Both girls ages 12 and 13.  Thankfully neither have DM at this time.
I can only imagine  having to cope with having a child (besides myself) with
DM and having to take care of myself too and deal with the Tricare system and
the military lifestyle.  Tricare REALLY doesn't (try to) make it easier for
people with chronic diseases.  I'm sure we could all share some horror
stories on that subject.

Please write if you'd like to my home email or to my email at work <I ALWAYS
need an escape from the workday, because I am now in an office by myself
doing the workload of 2 ;o)>
email @ redacted
I'll write more later/off the list.
Sally =o)
IDDM for 37 of my 38.5 years
Assimilated : 7 December 1999
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