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[IP] My appeal letter to BC/BS of Michigan (kinda long)

I've written my letter that I will submit to BC/BS of Michigan to appeal 
their payment for only 200 test strips rather than the 300 strips my endo 
and I think I should have each month. I think I've covered all the bases, 
but am open for any suggestions. Thanks!

RoseLea (armed and fighting)

>Dear Sir/Madam:
>I am appealing the partial payment I received for Glucose Test Strips. I 
>submitted a receipt along with my doctor's prescription and Letter of 
>Medical Necessity for 300 strips for one month. The total cost of these 
>supplies was $206.97 (3 boxes of 100 strips at $68.99 each). I received a 
>check for $154.72. When I contacted your phone representative, I was told 
>that Blue Cross had a limit set of only 200 test strips per month and the 
>claim was paid on the maximum cost for 200 strips.
>In March of this year, the State of Michigan passed Public Act 424, which 
>requires that certain diabetic prescription drugs, supplies and equipment 
>become a covered benefit. These benefits must be medically necessary and 
>prescribed by an M.D. or a D.O. Test strips are one of these diabetic 
>supplies covered under Public Act 424.
>I am an insulin-dependent, Type 1 diabetic, on an insulin pump. I need to 
>test frequently during the day to make sure that my dosage of insulin is 
>correct to cover the carbohydrates that I've eaten each day and to ensure 
>that my blood glucose level is as close to the normal range as possible. 
>My doctor and I both agree that by keeping my glucose levels in the normal 
>range will aid in preventing me from having future complications of diabetes.
>The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial supports this treatment 
>regimen. This study was sponsored by the National Institute of Health and 
>ran for a period of 10 years, from 1983 through 1993. 1,441 volunteers 
>with Type 1 diabetes participated in this study. The study found that with 
>keeping blood glucose levels more in the normal range each day resulted in 
>better diabetes control and lowered the amount and severity of diabetes 
>related complications.
>I am enclosing my paperwork for this claim, including my doctor's 
>prescription form and Letter of Medical Necessity (which I include with 
>every claim I submit to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan). Thank you.
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