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Re: [IP] Well it only took 2 years

At 11:24 PM 11/3/01 -0600, you wrote:
 >> >Yep, you're right, they do their best to keep from paying.
 >> >Michael
 >RoseLea wrote:
 >> I just got the payment for $154.72 of a claim for $206.97 (which is what I
 >> pay for 300 Ultra test strips).  I don't go through a 3rd party pharm, even
 >> though BC tells me to, since I can get them cheaper by paying for them
 >> myself and getting reimbursed.  I just sent the information about the
 >> payment to my State Senator with a Release Form so she can get into this
 >> foray.  My next step is to send an appeal to BC and then when I get their
 >> reply, I can send the whole mess off to the State Insurance
 >> Commissioner.
 >Perhaps Kathy O'Connor, my Disetronic pump rep. should be telling this story,
 >but 3 years ago I got the word that my insurance company, Prudential, would
 >cover 100% for my pump and all supplies.  They were bought out by Aetna 
 >after this.  Two months ago Disetronic received payment for 60% of the 
 >They had paid 30% of it shortly after my getting the pump three years 
ago, only
 >10% left to go.  They'll pay 100% of course, just don't know 
when.  :>(   Next
 >step is the State Insurance Commission.

I think I posted this earlier but feel it might bear repeating given this 
recent thread.  Insurance companies are notoriously slow in paying claims 
and the credit companies are aware of this.  For this reason, having an 
unpaid medical bill will NOT affect your credit rating.

I know, I have a bunch of unpaid medical bills with otherwise outstanding 
credit and I recently got an 820 out of 900 on the credit rating scale (not 
sure which agency).  My husband, with similarly outstanding credit but 
without the unpaid medical bills, got a lower score.  We think it's because 
he had been shopping for a second mortgage and that CAN affect your credit 

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