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Re: [IP] Well it only took 2 years

> >Yep, you're right, they do their best to keep from paying. 
> >Michael

RoseLea wrote:
> I just got the payment for $154.72 of a claim for $206.97 (which is what I
> pay for 300 Ultra test strips).  I don't go through a 3rd party pharm, even
> though BC tells me to, since I can get them cheaper by paying for them
> myself and getting reimbursed.  I just sent the information about the
> payment to my State Senator with a Release Form so she can get into this
> foray.  My next step is to send an appeal to BC and then when I get their
> reply, I can send the whole mess off to the State Insurance
> Commissioner.  

Perhaps Kathy O'Connor, my Disetronic pump rep. should be telling this story,
but 3 years ago I got the word that my insurance company, Prudential, would
cover 100% for my pump and all supplies.  They were bought out by Aetna shortly
after this.  Two months ago Disetronic received payment for 60% of the claim. 
They had paid 30% of it shortly after my getting the pump three years ago, only
10% left to go.  They'll pay 100% of course, just don't know when.  :>(   Next
step is the State Insurance Commission.

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