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[IP] Jake's first A1C w/ pump

Just wanted to let everyone know that even w/ our initial taping and site 
problems, Jake's first 2 months of pumping A1C was 7.4%. When we started it 
had been 8.9%! So we are very happy and look to see an even better A1C next 
time. We have changed to Quicksets and to Novolog and love both! No more 
taping/gluing problems and our sites are lasting much longer/w/out pain.
To anyone that has changed from Humalog to Novolog insulin, are your basals, 
boluses, and carb ratio's the same? Our's have not changed, except for the 
first night we had some terrible lows, but have slowly gotten back to the 
same rates as w/ Humalog before. Just curious... Trena (mom2Jake)
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