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Re: [IP] Low Blood sugars

Pat Tennies wrote:
> I thought one of the reasons for getting a pump was to
> avoid low blood sugars - now I'm reading a bunch of
> posts like the following and thinking: is my pump
> really going to help me avoid those low sugars?  I
> have been in the low 50's twice during the last two
> days and it affected my thinking and site which is
> surprising, because that is not THAT low.
> Please don't tell me the pump won't help that!!
> Pat (pumped, but running on empty still)
> * * * *
> 19 once, it was pretty scary. I couldn't talk, but i

Pat, many of these responses are from when people were on MDI. This is not to
say that an extreme low would not happen on the pump, but do not take all of
these responses as being a result of pumping. I've had a couple of "extreme
lows" on the pump, but just the knowledge that I could push a couple buttons and
stop the flow of insulin gave me such a feeling of control that is NOT possible
with NPH. Lows will happen, but I find that with the pump the lows are less
severe and easier to deal with. Rebounds are also more manageable.

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