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[IP] Off To The Hospital I Go...

Well, what a wonderful way to sit on the panel for a pump seminar... deathly 
sick!  I didn't even get to sit cause I couldn't talk without throwing up.  I 
can't hold down anything, no water, ice, juice, broth... nothing.
And now I have a sugar of 123 and large ketones.  Kind of hard to give 
insulin when your sugar is pretty normal.
I've been sick on and off since last Wednesday, sleeping constantly, but only 
a few days at a time and then would go away for a few.  Now it's bad, so off 
I go with doctor's orders.
This is my first experience in the hospital with a pump on so we'll see.  I 
know they won't take it away from me if they know who my doctor is... They 
are scared of her...LOL
I'll let you know what happens....
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