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[IP] Re: insurance and supplies (formerly: well it took over two years)

We've had a struggle getting the quanity of supplies that were needed also.  
We were told that only 100 test strips per month were covered.  We got a 
letter from the endo stating that Cory needs to test a minimum of 6 - 8 times 
per day plus other times as needed.  At first that too was denied.  But I 
discovered that I could get 100 strips every 12 days.  A couple of months we 
even got the 300 at one time (30 days supply it said). Next we did battle 
over emala cream.  Cory needs 1 tube every 4 days.  The insurance company 
only apporved 5 tubes at a time.  Now we can get 5 tubes every 10 days which 
is more than enough.  The same problems occured with insulin.  At first we 
were only allowed 1 vial per month -- then 2 -- now we can get 2 every 14 
days.  This is so silly!   Why can't we just get a month's supply each time?  
It would save bookkeeping costs for insurance companies, pharmacy time and my 
time!  For anyone who is struggling with insurance companies, be persisent.  
Get the letter from the endo stating medical necessity and I don't think they 
are allowed to deny a medical necessity.  Good luck!
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