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Re: [IP] Infusion set for small 6 yr. old

My friend's 5yr old son started the pump and their endo made them use the 
Silhouette too. It was a nightmare holding him down to insert it and they had 
problems getting it to stay in too. After talking to others, she ordered the 
Quicksets 6mm  w/ quickset inserter and loves it! She can change his sites 
now in his sleep! Hope this helps,. By the way, I do not know why their endo 
made them start w/ the Silhouettes, but it seems like from this IP list a lot 
do. So I would ask before changing. My friend did not ask, but they were 
ready to give up pumping if the new Quicksets didn't work better for Ryan. 
Trena (mom2Jake)
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