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[IP] Pump Died

Thanks to all who responded on how to calculate basals. Visited endo 
yesterday and he said she needed some NPH to help cover nights..tried to 
dissuade him and told him about using Regular every 4 hours. Of course, 
since he isn't familiar with this method he said no. We don't have pumps 
here in Dominican Republic. So she is using NPH again. He argued it was too 
many days until pump gets here. MM said it would arrive on tuesday, that 
makes it almost 5 days.
I hate these injections, this morning at 7:00 a.m. bs was 90, let her sleep 
a little more, and at 8:30 was 355!! Boy, do I love our pump!

MM was nice about the whole thing. Only thing is the guy I talked to said I 
would have to pay $150.00 for transferring warranty over to loaner pump. I 
argued, but in the end, said o.k. bill it to my credit card. A few hours 
later, got another call from MM saying that it had all been a mistake and I 
wouldn't be charged. They did ask if I wanted to keep loaner or get mine 
back. Said I wanted mine back.

By the way, I asked Eileen today. How does it feel to be pump-free for the 
first time in 14 months? She said "I hate it" cant wait to get her pump 
back! Said in the morning, she always reaches over the side of the bed to 
get her pump, as she sleeps with it alongside her. She says its almost like 
a part of her. Also, everytime she eats, she forgets and reaches into her 
pocket to bolus.

Mom to Eileen, 13, pumping for 14 months and loving it!

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