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Re: [IP] Well it only took 2 years

>.  I have been already told by BC, that 200 strips is their limit because 
>it is the limit set by Medicare.  My husband's company pays $900 per month 
>for our insurance.  A person on Medicare getting Social Security pays a 
>little over $500 per YEAR for Medicare coverage.  Now, wait a minute, why 
>should I be subjected to Medicare's limits?  I'm not on Medicare and if 
>that's the case, then I'll tell my husband's employer to only pay the $500 
>per YEAR rather than the $900 per MONTH he's currently paying! Arghhhhhhh!
>RoseLea (who's pissed off at BC/BS BIG TIME, and is not gonna take it 

RoseLea, I'm on Medicare, and I get 300 strips per month..What BC is saying 
is bulls*&t.

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