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Re: [IP] Well it only took 2 years

>Yep, you're right, they do their best to keep from paying. The rest
>of the LILY story that follow the one I just posted is that her
>prescription for strips written just recently was also denied as
>"above what is allowed". The contract of insurance and state law both
>say that <quote>all</quote> supplies authorized by a physician.....
>It took 6 weeks to finally get that straightened out but did not
>escalate beyond the supervisor level. As you know, most of the
>insurance companies use 3rd party mail order pharm cos. and each kept
>pointing the finger at the other. I simply bored in on BS since that
>is who my contract of insurance is with.
>email @ redacted

I just got the payment for $154.72 of a claim for $206.97 (which is what I 
pay for 300 Ultra test strips).  I don't go through a 3rd party pharm, even 
though BC tells me to, since I can get them cheaper by paying for them 
myself and getting reimbursed.  I just sent the information about the 
payment to my State Senator with a Release Form so she can get into this 
foray.  My next step is to send an appeal to BC and then when I get their 
reply, I can send the whole mess off to the State Insurance 
Commissioner.  I have been already told by BC, that 200 strips is their 
limit because it is the limit set by Medicare.  My husband's company pays 
$900 per month for our insurance.  A person on Medicare getting Social 
Security pays a little over $500 per YEAR for Medicare coverage.  Now, wait 
a minute, why should I be subjected to Medicare's limits?  I'm not on 
Medicare and if that's the case, then I'll tell my husband's employer to 
only pay the $500 per YEAR rather than the $900 per MONTH he's currently 
paying! Arghhhhhhh!

RoseLea (who's pissed off at BC/BS BIG TIME, and is not gonna take it anymore!)
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