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[IP] Input Please - Questions for a New Doc

This is a repost - I am making a list of issues, concerns etc to take to my 
new doc - things that I want to clarify on treatment etc (especially those 
things that you use in an unusual or emergency situation) Because so many of 
the things we do for ourselves etc become automatic I'm worried I may skip 
something that I should discuss with him - so I am looking for your ideas to 
add to my list in case I'm forgetting something that I should talk about. 

I am assembling my list of questions, concerns, treatment options etc for my 
appt with my new doc next wednesday.  What things should I bring up - I've 
jotted a few things down but more heads are better than one - so on-line buds 
- what do ya say?

Linda & Dax
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