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Re: [IP] high b/g NIGHTMARE!! LONG

OHMIGOSH! Is that legal?  A dentist working in the ER?  SCARY!!!!!


>From: "Tim Fleming" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IP] high b/g NIGHTMARE!!     LONG
>Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 22:11:12 -0600
>Thank Goodness for our other halves!!! In todays world I think our ERs are 
>by doctor want a bees! I have had a simular situation. I stuck a knife all 
>way threw my hand and when my husband took me into the er I was in shock!!!
>They had me sitting there asking me what happened and how long what 
>I had so forth and so on. I was in and out of shock but that didn't seem to
>matter. When I finally got back to the room they left me back there with my
>hubby climbing the walls and after about 11/2 hours the doc came in and 
>because I was diabetic they could not give me any stitches! I had never 
>that one before!!! I am very accident prone and have had more than my fair
>share of stitches. Thanks to them I have had 2surgeries and my hand is in 
>good shape thanks to my hand specialist I had to demand my PC send me to. I
>later found out that the Physician in the Er that night was a dentist!! I 
>you have better luck next time. I know our ER is worthless have had another
>situation this summer simmular
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>Sent: Friday, November 02, 2001 9:53 PM
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>Subject: [IP] high b/g NIGHTMARE!! LONG
>OK  Thursday night b/g was 577 called the endo told me to take 10 units of
>Humalog I took 8 units at 8:15pm At 12:30am I am sitting down stairs with a
>b/g of 21. This morning b/g was 166. Ate breakfast (45 carbs) and took 5
>units of humalog. Went for a 30 minute walk got home checked and then
>re-checked my b/g it was 366. Called the endo was told to re-check before
>lunch and call him back.Noon b/g was 577.
>I panic BIG time. Called the enddo back was told to take 4 units of humalog
>and go to the ER. I got to the hospital about 1:45pm told them that the 
>told me to come and that they would call him.He called before I got there 
>was told I was not there and they would call when I was there.Sorry this is
>long but you are going to cry when you hear what they did for a 600+ b/g.
>First the have to draw blood. Then they have to take cheast x-rays. The lab
>work shows nothing! The x-ray show nothing! They come in and check by b/g
>again it is still over 500. No I.V. yet and have not called the endo to let
>them know I am there. I will be nice and call her a nurse came in and said
>she had to give me some insulin.I learned tonight to ask before they give 
>to you what kind and how much.I was given 15 units of Regular insulin.Then 
>was sent off to have a CAT scan.First time in over 20 years I have had to
>have a CAT scan for a high b/g.
>It is now over an hour and a half sence given the insulin and nothing to 
>or drink.No I.V. and now it is going on 6:00pm.They come in to see why I am
>screaming and check my b/g they say every thing is fine and they will be
>sending me home soon.
>b/g was 145. they forgot about me. My other half was so P'ed off he was
>yelling at everyone I was crying and my b/g dropped lower them it has is a
>long time 14. So I was given an I.V. at 8:00pm because at that point I was
>having what they called LOW b/g trimmers. My other half said it looked like 
>was going to die. So after 2 large tubes of i.v. glu. by b/g was back up to
>370.  To make a long story shorter I left the hospital with a b/g of 348 an
>was told I had a cold. When signing the release papers the nurse saw that
>they were to call MY endo when I got there but told me to call him in the
>morning. I thought I had been through some bad things but tonight after 
>I went through I think my other half needs to take care of me he knows more
>then that CRACKER JACK in the er.
>     And I feel like I was ran over by a few MAC trucks
>                                    PAM
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