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[IP] Re: How low have you gone?

Would you believe I was at 13 one day -- and did not feel low at all?  Scared
the sh*t out of me!!  I had a site go bad earlier in the day, and took my
usual bolus via a regular shot.  Went to check 2 hours later to make sure
everything was working, and was at 13!!!

I freaked a nurse out in the ER one day -- my husband took me to the ER after
I drank 3 glasses of milk and still wasn't coming around.  (One of those where
I was still awake -- but didn't know what I was doing).  We got to the ER -
and they got me admitted and had me sitting on a stretcher next to the nurses'
station cause there were no empty rooms.  The nurse came over and checked my
blood sugar (by then, I had "woken up" and was fully alert again) and it was
27.  I never will forget that nurse, standing there jumping up and down
flapping her arms, yelling -- "Doctor, doctor - we have a blood sugar of 27 -

I have a bad problem with hypoglycemia unawareness, which I never had until I
started on my pump and got my blood sugars under much better control.

Deb in Southern Illinois
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