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Re: [IP] high b/g NIGHTMARE!! LONG

Thank Goodness for our other halves!!! In todays world I think our ERs are run
by doctor want a bees! I have had a simular situation. I stuck a knife all the
way threw my hand and when my husband took me into the er I was in shock!!!
They had me sitting there asking me what happened and how long what insurance
I had so forth and so on. I was in and out of shock but that didn't seem to
matter. When I finally got back to the room they left me back there with my
hubby climbing the walls and after about 11/2 hours the doc came in and said
because I was diabetic they could not give me any stitches! I had never heard
that one before!!! I am very accident prone and have had more than my fair
share of stitches. Thanks to them I have had 2surgeries and my hand is in very
good shape thanks to my hand specialist I had to demand my PC send me to. I
later found out that the Physician in the Er that night was a dentist!! I hope
you have better luck next time. I know our ER is worthless have had another
situation this summer simmular


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OK  Thursday night b/g was 577 called the endo told me to take 10 units of
Humalog I took 8 units at 8:15pm At 12:30am I am sitting down stairs with a
b/g of 21. This morning b/g was 166. Ate breakfast (45 carbs) and took 5
units of humalog. Went for a 30 minute walk got home checked and then
re-checked my b/g it was 366. Called the endo was told to re-check before
lunch and call him back.Noon b/g was 577.
I panic BIG time. Called the enddo back was told to take 4 units of humalog
and go to the ER. I got to the hospital about 1:45pm told them that the endo
told me to come and that they would call him.He called before I got there and
was told I was not there and they would call when I was there.Sorry this is
long but you are going to cry when you hear what they did for a 600+ b/g.
First the have to draw blood. Then they have to take cheast x-rays. The lab
work shows nothing! The x-ray show nothing! They come in and check by b/g
again it is still over 500. No I.V. yet and have not called the endo to let
them know I am there. I will be nice and call her a nurse came in and said
she had to give me some insulin.I learned tonight to ask before they give it
to you what kind and how much.I was given 15 units of Regular insulin.Then I
was sent off to have a CAT scan.First time in over 20 years I have had to
have a CAT scan for a high b/g.
It is now over an hour and a half sence given the insulin and nothing to eat
or drink.No I.V. and now it is going on 6:00pm.They come in to see why I am
screaming and check my b/g they say every thing is fine and they will be
sending me home soon.
b/g was 145. they forgot about me. My other half was so P'ed off he was
yelling at everyone I was crying and my b/g dropped lower them it has is a
long time 14. So I was given an I.V. at 8:00pm because at that point I was
having what they called LOW b/g trimmers. My other half said it looked like I
was going to die. So after 2 large tubes of i.v. glu. by b/g was back up to
370.  To make a long story shorter I left the hospital with a b/g of 348 an
was told I had a cold. When signing the release papers the nurse saw that
they were to call MY endo when I got there but told me to call him in the
morning. I thought I had been through some bad things but tonight after what
I went through I think my other half needs to take care of me he knows more
then that CRACKER JACK in the er.
    And I feel like I was ran over by a few MAC trucks

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