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Re: [IP] neuropathy...what works?

Sheri Byrne wrote:

> My neuro wants to put me on Elavil, says it has a 70 % - 80 % success rate
> with much lower side effects than Neurontin in the dosages he prescribes for
> neuropathy.  Anyone taking Elavil for neuropathy?  He has also recommended a
> bed cage to keep the bedding off my feet which is waking me up several times
> per night.  Anyone know where I can get one of those? 
> Sheri

I've had good results from taking Amitriptylene (Elavil). A 25mg nightly dose
has helped with restless leg syndrome and with a case of moderate neuropathy
(tingling, needles, occasional pain).  I've been getting a sound night of sleep
(I also use a CPAP for Apnea) for the past three years.  As far as a "bed cage",
I would think this would be easy and cheap to construct out of PVC piping. Write
me if you need further info.

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