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Re:[IP] How Low Have You Gone?

Lisa asked that we report how low we've gone -- well this one you aren't 
going to believe.
Cory was dx'd during Christmas break and released from the hospital on New 
Year's Eve.  On New Year's morning, he tested at "0"  YES I said 0!   Knowing 
this was totally impossible - I mean surely he'd be dead if he was that low, 
I quickly gave him juice, waited a few minutes - retested and although I 
don't recall the exact number, I do remember he was still real low.  I gave 
him more juice and called the hospital.  I was told to feed him his breakfast 
and then give him his insulin.  Now, I don't think I would give him insulin 
until I was absolutely sure he was fully recovered!  That was too low!  
Another time he dropped to 29 while at school.  The secretary called me and 
asked what did I want her to do.  Now mind you, the staff had received 
"training" from the nurse.  Arrrrgh!  I was told that he was very wobbly but 
OK.   I got to the school before he had finished eating his glucose tabs!   
This was also when he was new to diabetes and his endo never said to reduce 
his insulin any or feed him more or anything.  I was just told to treat the 
lows!   As I began to learn more, I knew we needed to find a new endo.  Now 
we have an excellent diabetes team caring for him.
Watch out for those lows!
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