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[IP] Re:medic alert ID

On the subject of medic alert ID's and info that is on them - I can say that 
we got one from Medic Alert when Cory was first dx'd and it has all his 
health conditions listed on it.  Then I took it to a local jewelry store and 
had his first name engraved on it.  I just thought that if he was in a coma 
it might help if someone was calling him by his name.  He also has a medical 
ID card that goes in his wallet -- you know the wallet he never carries!  
This has his name, primary phsycian's name and phone number, endo's name and 
phone number, parent's name and # and other contact then it also has 
insurance info on it.  
Remember we can always get things engraved at jewlery stores - just make sure 
you get a regular size ID not a real small one.
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