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Re: [IP] Hello does anyone ever read my posts????

Dear Denise,
    I hear ya!!!!!    S___t happens, and sometimes it get alittle 
overwhelming.  I have had diabetes for for 39 give or take a year., and It's 
really getting to me lately too. I have a 23 year old son who has been 
putting me through hell the past three years. its a long sad story short of 
it he is a drug addict & has BiPolar disorder.  During the past three years I 
had surgery  in my hand to fuse the fingers together, fell down steps broke 
both ankles & sprained a wrist, found out I have Celiac Disease, Severe 
Osteoporosis & just last week found out I have Hyper-paraThyroid disease & I 
think I am in menopause, all I do any more is go to Doctors who don't give a 
s__t , I also have weird Moles that need to be looked at & I just don't have 
the energy. Between trying to get my son to do the right things and zero 
support from my husband, I'm looseing it.  I too just moved not to long ago 
this has been my  10th move in 25 years.  But life goes on & you have to keep 
going & I'm sure there is always someone out there that has it alot worse,  
Sometimes for me just venting can help. Take care & I hear Ya!
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