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Re: [IP] Well it only took 2 years

>I guess the moral to the story is that all's well that ends well.
>YOU MUST STICK TO YOUR GUNS when dealing with these
>insurance companies. In this case, the contract of insurance AND
>state law say that diabetes supplies are covered and will be payed
>for. It sure is a pain to have to wait almost 2 years to have it
>happen though.
>email @ redacted

Michael, I'm heading into my own battle with BC/BS of Michigan, 
now.  Originally they paid for my 300 test strips per month, but in the 
last month they said no, only 200 are approved.  I've gotten a prescription 
and letter of medical necessity from my endo which specifically says "300 
test strips per month for testing 10x per day for IDDM with an insulin 
pump."  Now, since Michigan has passed the law that says they must pay for 
diabetes supplies, when they reject it, I will file an appeal then send the 
whole mess to my State Senator (who was one of the author's of the law, and 
I have been in contact with, I happen to know her personally) and our State 
Insurance Commissioner.  I figure since the law is so new in Michigan, the 
insurance companies are trying to see how much they can get away with.  My 
sister just called me to tell me her insurance company is telling her she 
can only have 150 strips per month.  So, we're both going to fight.  I just 
hope it doesn't take us 2 years to win. :o)

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