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Re: [IP] Hello does anyone ever read my posts????


Sorry it's taken so long for this reply.  I have only been an IDDM for 8 1/2 
years, so I don't have the longevity in this disease like you do, but I do 
know this - it is a disease that affects us emotionally AND physically.  I 
am 31 yo and have a 6 year old daughter and an 8 1/2 mo. old son (neither 
are diabetic).  I can't imagine what it is like for you being a diabetic 
yourself and having a daughter who is one, too.  As a parent, I know you 
want your daughter to see the dangers that lie ahead for her if she doesn't 
get a handle on this disease early on.  As a child, they only see things in 
the here and now and don't consider the consequences of their lack of 
diligence with this disease.  You said you have been an IDDM since 15 mos. 
old, so you don't know anything else and over the years have learned to live 
with the disease.  In your posting you said you test 8x a day and are having 
trouble with control.  Personally, I know stress and hormones have 
EVERYTHING to do with our blood sugars.  Some people's BG's run high when 
they are stressed or emotional (happy or sad).  Mine on the other hand, drop 
when I am stressed, nervous, and extremely happy.  My Dr.'s say that is not 
the "norm".   You can take or leave this advice, I am not a physician, nurse 
or CDE, but I would take care of myself first and foremost.  If you are 
having wide ranges of BG's, you are not at your best (I know I'm not and 
I've read that wide ranges of BG's can cause depression) and trying to help 
your daughter makes it that much harder to control.  Get yourself whatever 
help it is you need (along with help from pumpers), whether it is talking to 
a doctor, nurse, counselor, whatever.  I have personally been taking Zoloft 
since my son was 2 weeks old for anxiety and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY!  I 
am not saying you need medication, just letting you know that some of us 
have other things that go along with this disease.  I think leading by 
example for your daughter is a strong message.  Showing your daughter how 
healthy and happy you can be as a diabetic by taking care of yourself will 
help her.  A friend of mine who was dx'd at age 6 went through a rebellious 
period with her diabetes during her teen years.  I know it would be tough as 
a kid to have this disease and see everyone else not having to think about 
life like we do as a diabetic.  All those finger sticks, high's, low's, carb 
counting, how fun is that?  Isn't there a website for "children" insulin 
pumpers that she could log onto?  Or does she not want to talk about it at 
all?  Maybe if she read from other teens on a posting board like this one, 
it would make her see she is not alone.

You said that the military insurance doesn't cover more Diabetes Education.  
I have that same issue.  I went to my new Endo. on Wed. and he wants me to 
go for a refresher and my insurance only covers education for initial 
diagnosis.  We had to fight them for education when I got my pump.  (BTW, 
it's a PPO).  My Dr. said he would write a letter to the ins. co. requesting 
more education, because a trip to the ER costs more than the education.  
Don't give up.  If you get your physician behind you, they can sometimes 
work miracles.  BTW, my last hgA1C was 5.2 (with tooooooo many lows to 
count), and a previous hgA1C of 4.8 at the end of my 3rd trimester.  So, no 
matter where we stand in the hgA1C range, there are issues.

Denise, take it one day at a time.  You are doing the best you can!!!


Jenie Harrison
DX 7/93, pumper since 8/99

>From: "Dan & Denise" <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Hello does anyone ever read my posts????
>Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 22:27:15 -0600
>I am going to try sending this again under a different heading.  I am 
>REALLY (caps for emphasis only) feeling down.  And yet hardly anyone has
>responded.  Actually one person did write me and for that I am
>thankful...but as a support group this stinks!!  It feels as though people
>pick and choose what they want to read and ignore the rest.   What if
>somebody really needs help here???    I'm glad I wasn't in the throws of a
>severe low blood sugar and suicidal or something...because I'd die before
>anybody here noticed!
>Here is what I wrote yesterday:
>Well then I know that I am not a newbie!  I've been dealing with D for 35 
>my 36 years!  I was 15 months old at diagnosis.  I was dx'd in June of 
>But you know what?  I'd trade with anyone in a second to be a newbie...I
>wish I could remember a time before the D.  I guess this is why I have been
>battling depression since my daughter's diagnosis 8 years ago.
>Speaking of which...am I the only one (???)...who in spite of frequent
>testing...8 or more times a day...I am having a really hard time lately in
>achieving tight control.  I'm doing the yo-yo thing.  I'm not sure if it is
>the stress of having moved in June...the onset of the cardiac problem or 
>stress of battling with Heather over the care of her D.   She never wants 
>test at all.  I feel like I am sinking into a bottomless black pit!!!
>And to top it off I  have been told that Tricare (military's insurance)
>doesn't cover diabetic education in this region.  It did where we just 
>from.  So if I am to have any help getting myself or my daughter
>straightened out I have to pay out of pocket.  Heather's not even on the
>pump yet.  The only military diabetic educator here isn't pump certified
>because there just aren't enough patients for her to have the required
>amount of pump starts for certification.
>I hate my life...why is it that as a child the diabetes never bothered me
>but now as an adult it depresses the mess out of me?
>Now I don't expect that anybody could solve these problems...but a simple
>"Hey I've been through that!"   Or "Yes I'm in/been in/ the military and I
>understand your frustration!"  Would also have made me feel better.
>Sometimes I truly do feel ALL alone in this.   My husband can only
>understand a small part of this...and I am really depressed these days...I
>need some encouragement!
>So is anyone out there???  Or am I the only Soldier fighting this war????
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