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[IP] Re: Pump & Insurance

     I have been a Type I diabetic for 26 years and have been on a MM pump
for 5 weeks.
     I completed an application for the pump and submitted it to MM in
mid-June. The insurance company "approved" the pump the first part of
September and started discussing a price for the pump with MM. By this time
I had almost lost interest with pump therapy.
     I was then informed that I was going to be making a business trip to
Japan for 2 weeks at the end of November. This is about a 12hr. trip from
Georgia and the time difference makes me feel bad for 2-3 days. I called MM
and requested my pump by mid-October so that I would be regulated before
the trip.
     Mid-October - no pump. They did not know when the price of the pump
would be determined between the insurance co. & MM. I then requested the
name of the MM sales rep. for my region.
     I discussed my situation with the MM sales rep. on Thursday. I told
him that if I were not regulated on a MM pump for the trip to Japan that
when I returned that I would still want an insulin pump but not a MM pump.
     The MM sales rep understood my situation. He had a loaner pump &
manual in my hands by Friday so that I could become familiar with it over
the weekend. The sales rep. met with me the following Tuesday and had me
pumping insulin in 2.5 hrs.. He also gave me a box of infusion sets &
     He kept in touch with me about 2 times per week for 3-4 weeks. I was
still on his loaner pump. I ran out of infusion sets (some wasted by trial
& error) and the sales rep. provided me with another box.  After I had been
on the pump for 4 weeks and had taken detailed notes concerning BG & bolus
/ carb ratios, he scheduled a meeting for me, my Dr's nurse and a MM nurse
from Atlanta   The nurse had helped over 500 people with the MM pump. I
contacted the sales rep and told him that I would like for my pump to
arrive in time for the meeting. He had the pump and a 3 month supply of
infusion set items sent to my office via overnight delivery.
      The MM nurse spent about 3 hours with me explaining how to better
utilize the many features on the pump. She gave me her phone # and I can
call her at any time. The sales rep. called and suggested that I take one
of his loaner pumps to Japan as a back-up pump.
     As of today, I still do not know the price of the pump or supplies.
     Many people on the mail list have indicated that they are having
problems with insurance & training from MM.  I suggest that you contact the
MM sales rep. in your area for assistance with any problems with MM. If the
other people at MM are as good as my sales rep. & nurse - it is a great
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