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Re: [IP] How Low Have You Gone?

 12. The night before,I'd tested at 260,decided that I
wasn't worried about it,and promptly conked out.The
next morning,(it was on a camping trip)some
family,friends and I went to a nearbye restaurunt.As
we walked toward the restaurunt,I started to feel a
little funny and decided I'd be good and check my
blood sugar,although I didn't feel low.So I went into
the restroom,pulled out my meter and tested.At the
time,I had severe cataracts and had to get assistence
with shots and even reading what the meter said
sometimes.It beeped,I looked,and I thought it said 12
but I wasn't too sure,it must be 121.My
mother,however,confirmed that it said 12.I promptly
panicked and started eating glucose tablets
wildly,while my legs turned to jello and I started to 
shake.I was coherent through it all,an hour later it
was definatly over.(bg was 300's,but when you have
worried people franticlly pouring sugary liquieds down
your throat not too much descretion is shown)I was
glad to get through that without losing consciousness.

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