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[IP] RE: milk and diabetes con't

Here are some things I found.  The first is a link to an article that 
appeared in a Boston paper and refers to a study in Europe.  This article 
said that cow's milk and diabetes may be related, but there is no extremely 
solid proof. (www.physweekly.com/archive/97/09_05_97.twf.html)

The second is an article which I was not able to find the full text for, but 
contains a part of the abstract:  "Type 1 diabetes is based on autoimmunity, 
and its development is in part determined by environmental factors. Among 
those, milk intake is discussed as playing a pathogenic role. Geographical 
and temporal relations between type 1 diabetes prevalence and cow's milk 
consumption have been found in ecological studies. Several case-control 
studies found a negative correlation between frequency and/or duration of 
breast-feeding and diabetes, but this was not confirmed by all authors. 
T-cell and humoral responses related to cow's milk proteins were suggested 
to trigger diabetes."  (Milk and Diabetes.  Journal of American College of 
Nutrition.  Vol. 19, supplement 2, 2000, 176s-190s)
The third is also an article which I could not find the full text for.  This 
articles abstract says:  "The ABBOS-peptide from bovine serum albumin (BSA) 
in cow's milk has been suggested to initiate the autoimmune process against 
the beta-cells leading to type 1 diabetes. The aim of this study was to 
elucidate if the ABBOS-peptide is a possible trigger of type 1 diabetes." 
and "ABBOS may have a role as a reactive epitope in the upregulation of the 
autoimmune process against the beta-cells but ABBOS does not seem to cause 
any specific Th1 response. An increased mRNA expression could also be seen 
in lymphocytes from healthy controls. Thus, the ABBOS-peptide might just 
cause or reflect an unspecific immune activity."  This article was from 
Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 47(3), March 2000, 199-207 and is 
titled "The ABBOS-peptide from bovine serum albumin causes an IFN-gamma and 
IL-4 mRNA response in lymphocytes from children with recent onset of type 1 
Another related article, "Cellular and humoral immunity against cow's milk 
proteins in type 1 diabetes," is a study trying to find a relationship 
between cows milk and recent onset of type 1 diabetes.  "Cow's milk 
beta-casein has been proposed as a candidate trigger of autoimmunity 
associated with type 1 diabetes. In this study, cellular and humoral 
immunity against beta-casein was compared to that against other major cow's 
milk proteins in patients with recent onset type 1 diabetes and control 
subjects....These data show that immune responses to cow's milk are not 
limited to patients with diabetes and not solely against beta-casein."  This 
article was from Journal of Autoimmunity 13(3) Nov 1999. 365-373 by 
Sarugeri, Elena; Dozio, Nicoletta; Meschi, Franco; Pastore, Matteo Rocco; 
Bonifacio, Ezio.

Hope this is helpful.

Jeff Martin

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