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Re: [IP] Employers knowledge

> Frank you haven't had a problem
> with employers thinking you are a weak employee?  I am new to posting and
> don't know if I am doing this right?  I see the response but how to you
> respond back to the person who talked to you?  Is this the way?  I hope let
> me know!  Smiles Felicia

No Felicia, I have never had a problem with employers.  And if I did, I
would go through the four steps I posted earlier.  I have become much more
asssertive about my life, health, career, and happiness, in the last 15 y
with DM.  I am to the point now where I would not stay with an employer that
did not live up to their promises (employee handbook) or discriminated
against me (federal, state, local laws), for what ever reason.

I am niether advocating, quitting nor legal action.  However I think that we
all need to know what our rights and options are when it comes to
employment.  Once you know this , only then can you decide how best to
proceed in your specific situation.

If your immediate supervisor is the issue here, go up the management chain.
They are certainly not the last word when it comes to this.
Good luck,

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