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Re: [IP] God and dm **if you are sensitive to religious discussion please delete**

At 10:59 AM 11/2/2001 Julie Britt wrote:
 >I'm technically a Catholic, though not a very religious one... but I do
 >believe in God and basic Christian beliefs.  I apologize if this offends
 >anyone, but I don't have any "religious" friends, and I don't go to church
 >and have no real relationship with clergy people, so I'm writing here.
 >Please understand, this emial is in no way restricted to those of Christian
 >persuasion!  Those with other religious beliefs are welcome/encouraged to
 >express their views as well.
 >For those who believe in God (or a higher power of some sort), what do you
 >believe in regards to dm?

I think, as has been previously mentioned, that this would be more 
appropriately discussed on the IP-Spirit list. This list was specifically 
designed for spiritual discussions like this. If you want to join this 
list, please write to HELP@insulin-pumpers.org.


Sam Skopp
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