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[IP] God and dm **if you are sensitive to religious discussion please delete**

I'm technically a Catholic, though not a very religious one... but I do 
believe in God and basic Christian beliefs.  I apologize if this offends 
anyone, but I don't have any "religious" friends, and I don't go to church 
and have no real relationship with clergy people, so I'm writing here.

Please understand, this emial is in no way restricted to those of Christian 
persuasion!  Those with other religious beliefs are welcome/encouraged to 
express their views as well.

For those who believe in God (or a higher power of some sort), what do you 
believe in regards to dm?

Some days I have a hard time with my spiritual beliefs and keeping faith in 
God when I have to stare reality in the face.  People say if you are good 
then you will reap the rewards.  So did I do something bad... am I being 
punished with dm?  People say God is loving and caring and forgiving... so 
how come things like dm and cancer, etc even exist?  Ok, maybe it's my test, 
my "cross" to bear, it's supposed to make me stronger...blah blah blah.  
That's all well and good, but is a test supposed to last every minute of 
every day for the rest of one's life?  It's very confusing and sometimes 
very depressing.  How do I explain God and His goodness to my future 
children when I have a difficult time hanging on to my own faith?

What do you all do when you start feeling this way??


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